Top US Destinations for High-Tech Housing

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The world is experiencing a technology boom, and it’s not slowing down anytime soon. That makes high-tech one of the most promising careers to pursue, but the question is: where should you pursue it? While Silicon Valley is obviously a high-tech hub, it doesn’t have to be your home base. Various places offer opportunities, great pay, and fabulous benefits for techies, and since one of the perks of working in high-tech is telecommuting, loving where you live is a growing priority. Here are 5 top cities to consider when heading down a high-tech career path.

* Cities are chosen based on job availability, growth, density, and salary.

  • Austin, Texas is one of the best places for electronics component manufacturing, with salaries average out at about $100K. With popular companies like Dell located in Austin, there are numerous job opportunities.

  • San Diego, California ranks high on the list for salary and job opportunities, especially in areas like R&D and testing labs.

  • Washington, DC, with average salaries of $92-$98K, specialises in systems design, but there are plenty of other options for techies too.

  • Colorado is a bustling hub for high tech, landing average annual incomes of approximately $95K. Which area is best depends on your specialty and preference to city or rural life, but Fort Collins, Denver (home of Denver Tech Center), Colorado Springs, and Boulder (great for systems design and voted #1 for high-tech startups) are all top picks.

  • Looking for something slightly more exotic? Check out San Juan, Puerto Rico. This city specialises in telecommunications, and 39 out of 1000 jobs in this sunny locale are in high-tech, so you’ve got plenty of opportunity in this neighborhood.

Set yourself up for success by choosing a hotspot for high-tech, and discover how much the world has to offer techies like you.