This Article Might Solve Your Financial Problems

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From playing the stock market to starting up their own company, today’s breed of entrepreneurs are making huge amounts of money while they are still at college.
To find out how they are doing it, I met with these two Youngers from London who made millions before turning 28!

Matty and Abby are two such entrepreneurs who were raking in serious cash by their final year at university. Success was not overnight, but with a bit of persistence, the pair, along with two friends, managed to develop a way to earn money easily in their free time.
I met with Abby and Matty after they won the coveted ‘Innovation of the Year’ 2017 Award at the STARTUP365 Annual Awards.Their innovation is a trading method that they developed when they themselves were trying to earn money on the financial markets online. The method, called ‘Social Trading‘ is reportedly so reliable, that it is rapidly becoming one of the most widely used technique to enhance trading profits.

Here’s what the duo had to say when I asked them about their innovation, how it helped them, and how others can use it to make money.
Matty ,told me, “…You don’t have to be a trading professional to use our technique. Actually, it is designed for anyone, including complete beginners. It enables even inexperienced traders to consistently achieve success levels usually only enjoyed by the most experienced of traders.

When I asked the pair why they sharing their story , they answered was extremely refreshing:
“You’ve seen the news. High unemployment, recessions, downsizing, and the ever rising cost of living”. Normal people are struggling to make ends meet. We decided that rather than charging a fee to the regular person who just wants to make money, we would let them make their money first, and then donate if they wish. Sounds crazy?.. We were inspired by the group Radiohead who did this with their ‘In Rainbows’ album in 2007. It was made free of charge to their fans, who then had the choice to donate if they liked it. And apparently it was a huge success! So, following their example, we offer the option for others to make purely voluntary donations, after they have made their money.