Four UK Students Reveal their Secret for Making Millions

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Most students today are struggling to make ends meet, juggling part-time jobs and cramming for exams. However, four incredibly smart young people, studying computer science at university, have managed to beat the system. 

John Cross, Abbey Walker-Jones, Matty Voss and Ash Patel, have already earned themselves small fortunes by developing an impressively accurate trading tool. Their online platform uses a highly complex algorithm to predict successful trades, with an accuracy rate reaching of at least 65%, as proved on the prominent US tech show, STARTUP365 .

Hailed by novices and seasoned traders alike, the algorithm has immediately leveled the financial playing field. Furthermore, by granting the public free access to this innovative tool, the quartet of computer geniuses have given the trading beginner an equal opportunity to trade as well as the experienced one.

This tool can help generate extra income, to help its users become financially independent. The free software basically does the work for you, by successfully predicting price movements in the stock market, with exceptional consistency.