5 Expert Picks for Biotech Stocks this Year

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If you’ve invested in biotech stocks, you might be sweating a little with the volatility of the market this past year. Fortunately, the market has been holding strong despite some unpleasant dips. Investors looking for some low-risk options will do well to look towards the experts this year. Below are five biotech stocks that industry leader JP Morgan backs as safe bets for 2016.

Market Investment #1 Neurocrine Biosciences Inc.

JP Morgan ranks Neurocrine as a positive long-term investment. Neurocrine is a developer of pharmaceutical treatments for neurological and endocrine-related problems. Neurocrine is currently developing drugs with major potential for gain in the future, and Morgan is relying heavily upon Elagolix specifically for their positive predictions.

Market Investment #2 Dynavax Technologies Corp


This corporation specialises in developing vaccines and therapeutics, and has JP Morgan’s vote for binary event this year. Specifically, they’ve been quoted as saying the DVAX shares are likely to be more positive than HBV-23.


Market Investment #3 Merrimack Pharmaceuticals

JP Morgan picks Merrimack, albeit as a near-term downside risk, stock to invest in. Merrimack works with developing and preparing cancer diagnostics and treatments. Focusing on the positive feedback from Onivyde, used in treatment of post-gem pancreatic cancer.

Market Investment #4 Amicus Therapeutics Inc.

Investors looking for a good pullback stock should turn to Amicus. This company focuses on rare and orphan diseases, and JP Morgan likes Amicus because the EU migalastat path is straightforward and believes the US path is close to follow.

Market Investment #5 Idera Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Idera is voted as JP Morgan’s top pick for undervalued stock. Known for their biopharmaceutical discovery, development, and commercialization treatments for oncological diseases, Idera is likely to attract new IDRA shares due to the new attention that information from the IMO-8400 phase 1/2 trial that will be released imminently.