Can You Earn a Living By Copying Other Investors?

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Clever new websites let you mimic the strategies of successful traders with some claiming a sure-fire route to riches.
How Does Social Trading Work?
“By copying other traders, people gain a better understanding of the markets and our research shows that EZinvest users are consistently more profitable than people-who trade manually.”
The world of social media has added an additional, attractive twist to the dream of being your own boss and making a killing with “copy trading” – which enables you to mimic the investment moves of the “professionals” – you can supposedly cash in even if you know nothing at all about the markets.

EZinvest offers a variety of top traders on its social trading platform, where they take on specific trades daily. You can view all top ranked traders according to yearly and monthly progress and decide which broker you would rather link to and trade accordingly.
With EZinvest’s Copy-Trade option, you have the ability to set amounts in advance per trade and set a stopping point, to protect your funds.

Another great feature is transparency. You can view all past trades and fully detailed charts of each trader you follow, as it progresses, 24/7 on their profiles.

If you are new to the online trading market, you should seriously consider practicing on a demo account first. It is free of charge and non-binding in any way. The only downfall would be that the money you make it is un-withdrawable, for obvious reasons.

Some systems are overly complicated, which in part defeats the purpose, however, EZInvest offers a very straightforward interface. It is designed to be utilized by newer traders as well as experienced ones.

Here’s how to get started:
The steps are quite simple:
1.Create an account with a trusted Forex Broker
2.Fund your account with initial investment.
3.Click on “COPY” and start trading like PRO!

The Bottom Line
With EZinvest you can trade on Stocks, Forex, Commodities, and Indices. As mentioned, there is always a risk involved, however, there are ways to reduce the loss factor. If you are uncertain on how to trade or which direction to follow- the Copy Trade option could be the best solution for you!

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