Mathematics Professor Reveals his Secret for Winning the Lotto

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More and more people today are crippled with debt, struggling to get by while cramming to finish the month. It paints a bleak picture. However, it is the reality for the majority of young people, who wish only to improve their future. One former Math Professor, for whom this could not be farther from the truth decided to take action and release his life-project to the public. A system that that everyone could use to make thousands of dollars each week.

Lawrence G., an award winning Mathematician, have managed to make millions by creating an impressively accurate lottery number prediction tool. His online system works using a complicated algorithm that predicts the winning number combinations with a steady accuracy rate of 70%.

It all started when Larry quit his job at the Steklov Institute in December 2005. His friends are said to have stated that he currently finds mathematics a painful topic to discuss; some even say that he has abandoned mathematics entirely. Larry is quoted in an article in The New Yorker saying that he is disappointed with the ethical standards of the field of mathematics. Frustrated with the Academic life, he started implementing some of his Mathematical theories in practice, and discovered the most accurate lottery prediction system currently known.

Larry, started using his system on a weekly basis, 2 lottery draws each week and 5 lines each draw. At first his winnings were small, but so was his investment. He then increased the stake and started buying hundreds of tickets each week. Larry never won the 1st prize Jackpot, but he did start winning hundreds of thousands each week. Only two months in, and he made his first Million dollars.

Larry has been reportedly winning for 3 years now, when he decided to share his knowledge with the general public. ‘Lottery is funded by the public, and I see no reason why the public should not get something back’, said Larry. You can see and use Larry’s system for yourself here.